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Re]Configurations: Arts, Humanities, and Technology in the Urban Environment

Keynote Speaker:

M. Christine Boyer
Professor, Urbanism
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Architecture
Princeton University
See Friday at 4pm

6:00 PM Registration
7:00 PM
Conference Opening -
Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Theatre 2
Introdution: Dr. Antonio Perez, President of Borough of Manhattan Community College

Film:"Aftermath: 9/11 and New York Artists" A documentary film by Ernie Mortuzans and Jacqui Taylor Basker about the impact of 9/11 on the lives of artists in Westbeth, the nation's largest residence for artists.



9:00 AM Coffee & Registration, Richard Harris Terrace
10:00 AM
     Panel I: Music, the City, Technology –
Performance and Discussion: Benjamin Bierman (Brooklyn College/CUNY) and Aaron-Liu Rosenbaum (Graduate Center/CUNY) Found-sound compositions: “Technology and the Arts in an Urban Setting”; Joyce Solomon Moorman (BMCC/CUNY) “The Birds for Two Pianos and CD” (with Howard Meltzer BMCC/CUNY) Moderator: Howard Meltzer (BMCC/CUNY)

     Panel II: The City in Contemporary German Literature - Richard Harris Terrace David H. Chisholm (University of Arizona) “The Portrayal of the City in Early Twentieth Century German Literature”; Henry T. Malon, “Gerhard Nebel’s Asabiyya Polis” Moderator: Catherine Toolan Kelly (DeVry Institute of Technology)

12:00 PM
     Panel III: Technology in Urban Education -
Richard Harris Terrace Leonidas Bouritsas (Stevens Institute of Technology) “On the Creative link between the Humanities and Technology”; Eric Nay (Ontario College of Art and Design) “Sustainability in Design Education: Shredding the Past at OCAD”; Esther Smith (BMCC/CUNY) and Richard Faust (BMCC/CUNY) “Purgatory Pie Press”; Moderator: Colin Persaud (BMCC/CUNY)

     Panel IV: Entertainment Systems – Past - S185
John Athanasourelis (Bronx Community College/CUNY), “Coming to a Theater Near You: The Rise and Fall of the Neighborhood Movie House”; Brook Houglum (University of British Columbia) “‘69 Pearl Street’: Louis Zukofsky’s Index of American Design Radio Scripts”; Moderator: Frederick Mills (Bowie State University)

2:00 PM
     Panel V: Dancing on the Outside –
Richard Harris Terrace
Linda Lewett, (ARTtv), “The Uncanny Valley of Alienation in the Virtual City”; Marcia B. Siegel (Boston, MA), “Dancing on the Outside”; Moderator: (BMCC/CUNY)

     Panel VI: Entertainment Systems: Present and Future – S185
Babak Ebrahimian (Columbia University), “Reconfiguring the Theatre through Cinema: A Theatre for the Hypperreal the 21st century”;
Tyler Bickford (Columbia University), “The Technologies of Karaoke Performance: Unsettling Mediation in New York City”; Moderator: Douglas Anderson (BMCC/CUNY)

4:00 PM
     HTA Plenary Session -
Richard Harris Terrace
Introduction: Andreas Michel (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)
Keynote Speaker: M.Christine Boyer, Professor, Urbanism; William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Architecture, Princeton University “Twice-Told Stories: New Orleans and Cinema” Moderators: Kathryn Neeley (University of Virginia) and Ali Nematollahy (Baruch College/CUNY)

Evenings, October 6th and 7th
For those who would like to join us, BMCC Faculty Members will host visits to museums, galleries, and neighborhoods in Manhattan. We’ll provide more information in your registration folder.


9:00 AM Coffee & Registration – Richard Harris Terrace
10:00 AM
     Panel VII: Reconfiguring the Urban Environment –
Richard Harris Terrace
Christian Anderson (CUNY Graduate Center) “Loose Parts in the City: Space Making for the Public”; Lori Rubeling (Villa Julie College) “Station North Progression(s): Exploring the Urban Landscape”; James Banfield (Eastern Michigan University) “The Buck Stops Here: Why Buckminster Fuller’s Ideas Never Took Flight”; Kate Crehan (College of Staten Island/CUNY) “Making Art Outside the Art World: Notes from British Case Study” Moderator: Carlos Linares (BMCC/CUNY)

     Panel VIII: Urban Space and Technology – S185
Robert Farrell (BMCC/CUNY) “Notes on Chicago’s Millenium Park”;
Anthony Auerbach (London, UK) “How Video Shapes Urban Experience”; Laura Forlano (Columbia University) “Flexible Work and the Role of Mobile and Wireless Technologies in the Urban Environment”; Moderator: Simon Carr (BMCC/CUNY)

12:00 PM
     Panel IX: South Africa in Art and Media–
Richard Harris Terrace
Angel David Nieves (University of Maryland at College Park) “SOWETO ’76: Digital Media and ‘New Urban Heritages’ in Post-Apartheid South Africa”; Joyce Solomon Moorman (BMCC/CUNY) “On ‘Elegies for the Fallen’”; Moderator: Peter Hollerbach (BMCC/CUNY)

     Panel X: Heidegger: The Path to the City – S185
Andreas Michel (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology) “Subject or Fourfold? On “Dwelling” in Heidegger and Turn of the Century German Art History”; Andreja Novakovic (Columbia University) “Turning Homeward Art, Technology, and Dwelling in Later Heidegger”; Heinz Lugenbiehl (Rose-Hulman Institute) “Reflections on City, Technology, and a Planned Environment” Moderator: Robert Farrell (BMCC/CUNY)

2:00 PM
     Panel XII: Cities in Crisis –
Richard Harris Terrace
Part I: Past George Sochan (Bowie State University) “Making the City Inhabitable: the London Under London”; Howard Meltzer (BMCC/CUNY) “Music and the Representation of the City in Crisis” Part II: Present Kathryn Neeley (University of Virginia) “Disaster as Revelation: Hurricane Katrina as Case Study in Sociotechnical Systems Thinking”; Mara Jevera-Fulmer (Mott Community College) “Artistic Intersections with Social Research: Narrative Portraits of Recovery from Homelessness”; Moderator: Frederick Mills (Bowie State University)

     Panel XIII: Creating Art in the Street – S185
Kate Eichorn (Ryerson University) “Poster Wars: Carbon Copies in Public Spaces”; Julie Fishkin (MetroColor Collision) “How Street Art Became High Art”; Moderator: Jody Culkin (BMCC/CUNY)

4:00 PM
     Panel XIV: Technological Body -
Richard Harris Terrace
Florian Liber (Université de Montréal) “Human Body Dismemberment 2.1”; David Macauley (Penn State University-Delarware County) “Biomimicry and the Technological Imitation of Nature”; Andrea Zeffiro (Concordia College) “The Locative Body: Augmentation and Urban Embodiment”; Moderator: Rochelle Weinstein (BMCC/CUNY)

     Panel XV: Places Beyond Space: Cities in Science Fiction – S185
Joseph Ugoretz (BMCC/CUNY) “Cloud Cities and Pan-Galactic Culture: The Universal City in Contemporary Science Fiction”; Dennis M.Weiss (York College of Pennsylvania) “Place, Technology, City”; Moderator: Ann Hjelle (BMCC/CUNY)

Sunday, October 8th
     10:00 AM – The Reconfigured City
Meet in
For those who remain on Sunday – an informal gathering to visit the reconfigured cityscape of Lower Manhattan. Michael Langenstein (BMCC/CUNY) and members of the BMCC Department of Music and Art.


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