Call for Papers


The theme of the 31st Annual Humanities and Technology Conference reflects the contemporary interest in the multiple interfaces of technologies and their environments. HTA invites individual papers and session proposals addressing the conference theme from the viewpoints of the humanities, the sciences, and engineering.

In addition to the conference theme, papers on all other aspects of the interactions of technology, science, and the humanities are welcome.

Next to innovations explicitly designed to protect the environment, modern technology creates new environments and alters existing ones, both natural and human-made. Whether it be with respect to aging, privacy, healthcare, education, transportation, or communication, new technologies keep redefining our environments for us.

This conference invites contributions that explore, for example,

  • Developments in environmental technology, as well as the political, social, and economic challenges they pose
  • The destruction and/or creation through technology of natural, human made, or virtual environments of all kinds
  • Aesthetic and artistic reactions to the destruction or creation of new environments
  • The sustainability of natural or virtual environments
  • Human adaptations to technological environments
  • Philosophical and ethical dimensions of technological environments
  • The ecology of environments



  Call for Papers