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Technology of Simple Things

October 4 at 10 A.M. (subject to change)
Richard Harris Terrace, BMCC

Sandra Rumayor, BMCC

Simple Technology: Monochords and Inspiration, an Introduction
Howard Meltzer, BMCC

“Energetic” threat to Rural Sustainability.
Ashok Kumar, University of Delaware

A Tale of Two Nets
Amy Roe, University of Delaware

Mass-media and the Emerging Edge of Contemporary Human Dynamics: Emergence, Self-organization, and Deleuze
Adam McAlpine Clark, Justin McBrien, University of Delaware

The Friction Match and Women’s Liberation:How Technical Simplicity Illuminates Social Complexity
Kathryn A. Neeley, University of Virginia

This is a Garden Chair -- Braque's Painting in a Metaphysical Epoch
Robert Farrell, Lehman College CUNY

Comics and Technology: A Brief Overview
Jody Culkin, BMCC

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