Tips on Playing Bitcoin Roulette

How Bitcoin casinos work

Bitcoin and blockchain technology itself are spreading around the world continuously. At the moment when you are reading this article, another Bitcoin is mining and there are about 18,5 million Bitcoins to date in the world. Besides, there is a limit of Bitcoins possible to mine, and it is 21 billion. Many people are willing to know what will happen to Bitcoin after the whole world amount reaches this range, but this is a topic for another article.

The number of fields where blockchain technology replaces previous methods of processes and transactions is growing fast. Among them are such as investing, online shopping, crowdfunding, charity, sports betting, and others. Many industries are experiencing betterments thanks to Bitcoin. For example, such types of gambling activities as cryptocurrency slots, poker, and online roulette Bitcoin makes it much safer and transparent. Bitcoin casinos work almost the same as traditional ones except for the wider range of betting types and several advantages that are possible thanks to cryptocurrency. Bitcoin casinos offer more game types and lower fees. To play in Bitcoin casino gamblers need a cryptocurrency wallet with a positive balance.

Bitcoin and other crypto roulette games

The rules of traditional roulette correspond to Bitcoin roulette rules. The game is played using a board and a wheel. There are numbers at the table from one to thirty-six on red and black fields and they are similar to the numbers on the reel. There are different roulette types as well as different varieties of bets. The bets are plaid once the dealer spins a wheel, drops a small roulette ball on it, and the ball stops at the particular number.

Several differences between the crypto roulette games are its undeniable benefits at the same time. The main difference is that it is much profitable to play BTC roulette online compared to a traditional one because it is provably fair. And here is how it works: traditional roulette cannot give any guarantees to players that the casino’s odds do not work against them. However, such a guarantee becomes a reality when you play BTC roulette online. The game with Bitcoin allows gamblers to verify the special code and make the game odds clear.

Advantages of playing Bitcoin roulette

Here are more crypto roulette games benefits to consider:

  1. Very fast withdrawals. Any Bitcoin gambler will prove that transactions within the blockchain are several times faster than fiat currency transactions. Cryptocurrency makes payments transparent and fast.
  2. The security level is high and above. Bitcoin is almost impossible to hack which was proven many times. Moreover, to date, cryptocurrency transactions are the safest way to pay online. When it comes to casinos, safety comes first.
  3. High level of confidentiality. Many players need to stay confidential while they are gambling, and any other type of payment cannot provide such a level of confidentiality as cryptocurrency transactions.


To sum up, the main benefit of Bitcoin roulette is that it is provably fair. This guarantees fair play and helps to avoid cheating. You can take total control over your Bitcoin roulette winnings that are executed in one-two hours.

Facebook May Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency In 2021 – Financial Times

Libra will initially be pegged to the US dollar.

The Financial Times, citing anonymous sources, published the news that Facebook plans to release the Libra cryptocurrency in January 2021.

Sources said that for now Libra will be pegged only to the US dollar, and later it will be pegged to the euro, and to the multicurrency token, and to other currencies. As for the release date, so far nothing is known about this, since the Swiss regulator Finma has not yet approved the release of the cryptocurrency. However, sources claim that in January 2021 there will be an official confirmation, especially since six months have passed since the application was submitted. However, Finma declined to comment.

Meanwhile, Facebook has already prepared a crypto wallet called Novi. At first, residents of the United States will be able to use it, and then other countries and regions. The thing is that the company wants to focus on large channels of money transfers, and such channels exist in the United States. At the moment, the social network is working to license Novi in each of the states.


Recall that the Libra Association, which, in addition to Facebook, includes 27 other companies, such as Uber and Spotify, was created in 2019. It was planned that the cryptocurrency will be released this year, however, regulators from different countries – the United States, China, G7 – said that Libra could affect the exchange rate of the dollar and euro and the ability to make anonymous transactions and conduct banking activities outside the supervision of regulators. By the end of 2019, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, eBay left the association, and European regulators refused to approve the launch of Libra, citing the fact that the current EU legislation is not ready to use stablecoins (stablecoin is a cryptocurrency tied to the value of conventional currencies – ed.) …

As Reuters reported: “No global stablecoin system should start operating in the European Union until legal, regulatory and supervisory challenges and risks are properly identified and addressed,” EU finance ministers said in a joint statement.

The EU is also considering developing its own cryptocurrency that will compete with Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency.

Created a projector that turns any surface into a touch screen

Hachi Infinite M1 recognizes the user’s gestures and location.

Recently, the Hachi Infinite M1 smart projector has gone on sale, which is capable of not only projecting an image up to 100 inches, but also turning any surface into a 23-inch touch screen, reports.

Hachi Infinite M1 can stream any content – just connect it to your smartphone, PC or game console via Bluetooth or HDMI port. After connecting, the device will display the image on any level (or uneven) surface. Your screen can be a door, wall, table, refrigerator, cardboard – whatever. The maximum diagonal projection image is 100 inches (254 cm).

Equipped with high-precision sensors and machine learning technology, a 5-megapixel camera and an artificial intelligence system, the smart projector can not only recognize gestures and determine the user’s location, but also can turn any surface into a 23-inch touch screen.

Hachi Infinite M1

The gadget is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, the operating system Android 9.0. The battery holds a charge for up to 2.5 hours under the condition of continuous use.

The developers say the device can be used for video conferencing, for educational purposes, for presentations or as a widescreen display. The smart projector costs $ 999.

Earlier it became known that in South Korea developed infrared “long-range” charging for smartphones.