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Other professional societies promote the application of humanities and social science concepts and methods in a wide variety of interdisciplinary activities, ranging from the scholarly study of social and policy issues to the improvement of practice in education. Links to some of these are listed below.

New Directions: Science, Humanities, Policy — Interdisciplinary Approaches to Problems in Research, Education, and Policy

The goal of this initiative is to develop new models for interdisciplinary collaboration, where physical scientists, social scientists, and humanists work together with public science agencies, the private sector, and communities to deepen our understanding of and develop effective responses to societal problems. The key element is integrating the perspectives and insights of the humanities with those of science, technology, and policy making. This initiative has received funding from many sources to support an interesting set of activities.

Humanities / Policy Website

The Humanities / Policy website has been created by a group of interdisciplinary researchers whose interests center on topics at the intersection of science, technology, and human values. The website features not only information about projects that develop interdisciplinary approaches to integrating ethics and values with science to better meet societal needs, but also a blog devoted to this endeavor.

Liberal Education Division of the American Society for Engineering Education

The Liberal Education Division provides a vital forum for those concerned with integrating the humanities and social sciences into engineering education. The division is dedicated to helping engineers to develop an ability to communicate effectively, appreciate their professional and ethical responsibilities, and understand the interaction of engineering activities with politics, society, and culture. The division sponsors sessions at the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and maintains a website and welcomes both engineers and non-engineers as members.

Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association

The Northeast Popular Culture Association (NEPCA) is a regional affiliate of the American Culture Association and the Popular Culture Association. NEPCA is an association of scholars in New England and New York, organized in 1974 at the University of Rhode Island and reorganized and incorporated in Boston in 1992. The purpose of this professional association is to encourage and assist research, publication, and teaching on popular culture and culture studies topics by scholars in the northeast region of the United States. By bringing together scholars from various disciplines, both academic and non-academic people, the Association fosters interdisciplinary research and learning. The Association publishes a newsletter twice per year and holds an annual conference.